CMC1 Hydraulic Comptactor


The hydraulic compactor CMC-1 allows the compacting of all kind of cardboard and plastic packagings, easing space optimization and logistical management of the residue generated in the work place. .


The machine has a tough steel sheet divided in two compartments. A upper one with the hydraulic and electric systems, in charge of the work of the set; and a lower one of large capacity, the compression cavity, make of two front doors and a pressing platform triggered by two lateral exterior hydraulic cylinders of high pressing power.


     CMC-1_superior      CMC-1_inferior      CMC-1_bala


The tied of the resultant bundle is done in a quick and agile way, using polyester strapping, arranged in two bobbins in the upper side of the machine, and flows by the inside of it through two guide ways wrapping the pressing compartment and its contents automatically.





- Full dimensions: 1.943x1.043x589 mm.

- Empty machine weight: 310 kg

- Load cavity: 785x414 mm.

- Filling height: 1.014 mm.

- Maximum compression shift: 539 mm.

- Engine: 1,5 kW 230V

- Remote stress: 24V

- Oil volume: 18 l.

- Pressure force: 25 kN.

- Work pressure: 8 N/mm2.

- Approximate bale weight: 64 kg.

- Complete cycle duration: 24 sec.


In order to allow its safe usage by any worker wihtout any technical knowlegde, the machine has multiple security devices described below:



- To activate it, a start-up rotating commutator must be activated; and to operate it, both door must be CLOSED, and the "REARME" button must be pushed.

- With the "STOP" button the process can be stopped at any time of the operation in process.

- For extra security, the machine has an "EMERGENCY STOP"button.



- It has component overheating protections for overloads or short-circuits.

- The hydraulic system has a manometer and a pressure switch that control work pressure at all times.

- In each hydraulic cylinder, protected with a steel sheet, the maximun and minimun path is limited by a stop device.


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