Laboral Risk Prevention
Laboral Risk Prevention


Taking as a starting point the same basis that governs the regulations on Labour Risks Prevention, and with the aim, not only of developing an effective promotion of workers’ Health and Safety, but also of designing the strategy for an effective establishment of Prevention in all its activities, including workshop manufacturing, on site fitting, as well as at all hierarchical levels, GRUPO CAAMAÑO has developed Labour Risks Prevention Policy that will be applicable to all its facilities and employees, who will commit to the compliance of the following principles:



  • Workers’ life, physical integrity and health of workers are rights whose protection has to be a constant of the daily duty for all who work in GRUPO CAAMAÑO and specially for those who, on one or another level and in one or another job, perform management functions. For this reason, GRUPO CAAMAÑO is committed to the improvement of injury prevention and health damage.

  • As we consider people the most important asset of our Group, we want to establish a preventive Policy that goes forward in a scientific, integral, integrated and participative model.

  • Based on the principle that all accidents, near misses and labour illnesses can and must be avoided, GRUPO CAAMAÑO is committed to reaching a high level of Health and Safety at work, not only complying with the current legislation, and other requirements that the organization subscribes related to hazards for workers’ Health and Safety, but also carrying out actions that increase workers’ level of protection set by law in case it is necessary.


This commitment will be expressed publicly, and will be one of the essential points registered in the general policy of GRUPO CAAMAÑO.



  • The management team will assume and promote the integration of safety in the production process, establishing as a basic principle that the best productivity is met with the highest safety, as one must not forget that the conservation of both material and human resources constitute a fundamental element in order to lower costs.

  • In order to promote a safe behaviour in all the company’s activities, all the existing information regarding inherent labour risks will be given to the workers as well as the necessary training related to the means and measures to be adopted for its correct prevention.

  • Equally, the participation of all workers in matters related to risk prevention at work, as they are the ones who best know the details of the tasks undergoing, and therefore they are the ones who can give the best ideas in relation to the safest way to carry them out.  

  • In order to achieve an efficient introduction of a labour risk prevention policy within GRUPO CAAMANO, the necessary resources will be assigned and the adequate use of the latter will be arranged.        




The Policy is the reference by which objectives and aims are established so that the efficiency of the Health and Safety Management System improves continuously. It affects and is the responsibility of each and every one of the members of GRUPO CAAMAÑO and is communicated to them for their acknowledgement, understanding and complying and is available to every person or identity who may apply for it. In addition, this policy is revised, analysed and updated for its continuous suitability.


Finally, this group has the firm commitment to integrate prevention within the organizing structure of all its companies, so as to make it an integral part of the productive organization, not only the mere compliance with certain written requirements.


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