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Our primordial mission is to offer our clients an integral, turnkey and specialised service, satisfying this way their needs and expectations. At the same time we offer our employees the possibility to develop their professional skills in the industrial scope.

A business strategy based in synergies that suppose us to have different integral multidisciplinary work teams to work towards an only objective, which is to achieve our client's highest satisfaction, always with a request level that guarantees an ideal result in the whole of the multiple actions that include the fulfilment of large-scale integral projects.

At Grupo Caamaño we undertake turnkey projects, that is, we deliver to our clients the job done so they can start developing their activities immediately.

All that, thanks to the group companies' specialization that focus on such diverse aspects and at the same time complementary such as:

  • Production and assembly of aluminium and steel metal structures,
  • Production and assembly of boiler making,
  • Waterproofing, roofs, laying foundations, etc.
  • High quality works in construction, carpentry, glass works, painting,
  • Design and production of infrastructures, facilities, facings, facades,
  • Design and production of storage and exhibition furniture,
  • Design and production of poster, sign board, adhesive works.

In conclusion, Grupo Caamaño is a leader among the business entities with ability to entirely address the fulfilment of projects, with the highest quality and efficiency values, and deliver them to its clients punctually for their immediate operating.

  • Caamaño Sistemas Metálicos
  • Neograf Alvedro
  • Sistemas y Construcciones Alvedro
  • Metales y Muebles Especiales
  • Metalvedro
  • Vidrios Caamaño
  • Hydracorte
  • Blanco Mayer
  • Almacenes y Espacios Industriales
  • Valmarcasa
  • Caamaño Asia
  • Caamaño Russia
  • Caamaño CZ International Glass Corp.
  • CaamanoUSA
  • Caamaño Oceanía
CENTRAL: Rúa San Fernando, 44 - A, CP: 15180 Culleredo - A Coruña - SPAIN, TLF: (+34) 981 675 507, FAX: (+34) 981 675 506